EXPO 2000 in Hanover

Themepark Pavilion No.5

"Health Futures / Zukunft Gesundheit"


EXPO 2000 in Hanover: Themepark Pavilion No. 5 "Health Futures/Zukunft Gesundheit"

Entrance of the EXPO-Themepark Pavilion "Health Futures"

The Themepark "Health Futures" exhibits 30 Trees, each explaining about one world wide health project; one Tree demonstrates the "Traditional Herbal Medicine Programme" of HimalAsia in Upper Mustang, Nepal.

Part of the text- explanation of the "Traditional Herbal Medicine Clinic and School" in Upper Mustang at the EXPO in Hanover; This project of HimalAsia is exhibited with explaining photos in the Themepark "Health Futures".

The aims of HimalAsia`s Traditional Herbal Project in Mustang and the intention of a similar Programme in Celle, Germany, "KeimCelle Zukunft" correspond to each other.


EXPO-Project HimalAsia

Traditional Herbal Medicine Clinic and School in Mustang


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